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Saturday, October 18th, 2003
7:01 pm
Is anyone going to the Ohio show? And are you going to the radio station as well?

Also, if anyone knows what hotel Nick will be staying at, that would be much appreciated if shared.

Looks like a road trip is set in motion now!!!

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Friday, October 17th, 2003
5:20 pm
Nick Media
This is a crosspost with backstreetmedia

ETA: I took them down for now, I might add them back by the very end of this month.

Two of Nick's appearances back last year for the Now or Never promo at VIVA Interaktiv.

Help me 5 MB (a very short clip, but really cute)

I Just Wanna Take You Home 32 MB (full performance)

Part 2 of the VIVA Interview 26 MB

Talking about "I got you" 10 MB

here are the two caps i managed to do.


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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
10:17 pm
My prayers are with them
Thursday Nick's Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer
If you go here and sign up for the forums, you can send your thoughts and prayers. I feel so bad for the Carter's..they can't catch a freaking break!

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Friday, April 4th, 2003
6:25 pm
Nick Carter & O-Town concert cancelled
April 11, 2003

The Nick Carter & O-Town concert scheduled for Friday, April 11, at the Civic Center of Anderson has been cancelled by the show promoter due to low ticket sales.

For information on ticket refunds, please contact the box office at (864) 260-6335. Full ticket refunds will be handled by the promoter through the box office beginning Monday, April 7. Refunds will be provided for 30 days past the scheduled performance date.

We regret the inconvenience. Please check the Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center web site often for updates on more concerts coming soon.

Thank you.

Saturday, March 8th, 2003
9:55 pm
hey everyone. just joined to ask this question of you. i have an extra ticket to see nick at the Fillmore. the girl who bought it (and paid me, thank god) has bailed in typical fashion. if you, or anyone you know, would like the ticket, let me know. thanks!
Friday, March 7th, 2003
10:59 am
Out of curiousity, who all is going to see Nick on Sunday at the Fillmore? nyn and I are going together. We are meeting jade_vamp there. I just wanted to know if we might run into more slashers. I'm hoping yes.

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Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
7:06 pm
I just found out about this community ^_^ I was wondering if anyone was at the Vanderbilt concert in NY. I had a GREAT TIME!!! I would say that they whole concert was about 3 and a half hours long. Doors opened at 7:30, but nothing really happened until around 8. The concert didn't end until 11:30 (for me...) I thought it should give a list of helpful hints to survive the concert:

1. Get there early- Since most of the shows were general standing admission, there are no seat numbers...which means everyone want to be up front! What better place to enjoy the view?
2. Bring your own water bottle- a lot of people were passing out because it was so packed, especially near the front. So keep hydrated. Once you leave your spot for a drink, it's gone...
3. Dress comfortably- when I went, it was a few days after a blizzard hit NY. Everyone had their winter coats and again a lot people were passing out or getting sick from getting overheated. On the other hand, be warm. When waiting for the doors to open, I was waiting outside in the freezing weather. There were girls wearing nothing but a t-shirt and they really got sick!

Should I continue? You can leave a post for me to stop or go on ^_^
Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
7:49 pm
LA people
I'm going to be staying in W. Hollywood with without_me until Sunday. Thursday and Friday, I will be alone during the days and without a vehicle but I'd love to hang out if anyone is around. It' always fun to play with slashers:)

If you want to hook up somewhere or try to make plans, drop me a line: slashgirl22@hotmail.com.
4:36 pm
I was wondering if someone who is going to an upcoming show could get me a glowstick lol. I collect them from all the concerts I go to, and they were sold out at the show I went to! I will send you the $5 and S&H. leave a message or email me! thanks soo much! sevoge02@smumn.edu
Saturday, March 1st, 2003
11:13 am
Attended the show in Pontiac. Was amazing.

Also got to meet Nick briefly beforehand, thanks to 95.5. And hug him.

Eeep. He's hot, yo. And warm. And soft.

Asked him if he was having a good time doing what he's doing ("Of course!") and told him that we were enjoying it too.

Also, people were wondering about merch, I think? They had 2 different tees, a couple of posters, and some other things too.
Thursday, February 27th, 2003
4:40 pm
Pittsburgh, PA: Feb. 25, 2003
Did anyone here go to the Pittsburgh show? It was awesome (except for the girls in front of me), but I was hoping to ask someone else that was there some questions. Maybe one or two? Just silly stuff, really.

Anyways. Back to your regular Nick-age.
Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
12:27 pm
Feeling foolish for not realizing that I'd need this eventually:

Did anyone make a note of Nick's setlist for the Philly shows? More particularly, am I misremembering when I recall him doing "Is It Saturday Yet?"
8:16 am
Nick's Ass!
For those of you going to the S Cali. HOB shows, I'm planning on having a little get-together at my place in North Hollywood on Friday night, March 7th since we have a day to kill between the Sunset and Anaheim show. Anyone is welcome to come along. Prepare for SDB-related squeeing.

I don't have any BSB stuff, but I do have the Oh Aaron DVD and Nick is all over that thing so if you haven't seen it we can watch that. Or, y'know, we can watch something else. Or you can bring stuff along to watch. Or we can just sit around and drink our asses off.

So, who is coming? :)
Tuesday, February 25th, 2003
6:13 pm
A couple of quick questions for people who have attended shows so far :
a.) Merch - good? bad? completely nonexistant?
b.) Approximately what time does Nick's set end?

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